Friday, February 8, 2013

La Petite Bistro

We have found the most delightful small restaurant that has delicious food at reasonable prices.  The first time four of us went for a birthday lunch. We all had different items: Reuben Sandwich; Creme Dory; Fajita Salad; the Quiche (Menus are below).  We all made a good selection.  We each gave Le Petite Bistro a 'thumbs up' on all of the items!  And, yes, our a birthday dessert was delivered complete with a candle!

The next time we went with friends for dinner.  Three of us had the Prime Rib and I had the fish for the day, Mahi Mahi.  The Prime Rib got a good review for all.  I gave a great review for the fish.  Chuck took a bite of mine and said I made the best selection.  The Prime Rib was 'Good', but my fish was 'Great'.  I think they ordered it medium, but medium rare might have been a better choice.  

Two times a charm!  I not sure what will happen on the third time and there will be a third time.  La Petite Bistro is at the top of our list for lunch and dinner.  

The atmosphere is warm and inviting even though it is located in a store-front in a strip shopping center. You would think that the acoustics would be loud, but they were not.  The staff is small so be prepared for 'dining' experience.  Do not expect 'fast food' service.  Chef Robert will even come out of the kitchen to check on his patron's.  I asked where he was from, thinking somewhere exotic like New York, San Francisco, or Paris.  I was really surprised to hear a Texas twang and him pointing to his cowboy boots and flashy Texas belt buckle:)

We recommend you give Le Petite Bistro a try...Lunch or Dinner. 

It's a great place
to go for a special occasion or dinner out instead of cooking at home.

Lunch Menu-Front side
Lunch Menu-Flip Side

Friday and Saturday Night Menu-(Subject to Change)

I love Cupcake Chardonnay
I have not tried the 'Red's'

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