Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Franke's Cafeteria, A Little Rock Institution

Rodney Parham
Franke's is where we go to eat real home cooking when we don't want to cook at home.  That's what we did tonight.  

We usually get a lite plate and something we not only don't, but won't, cook at home.  I got roast beef, "the best", mashed potatoes "real" and Brussels sprouts (Chuck won't eat them :).  Chuck got liver and onions (I won't eat liver), mashed potatoes "real" and black-eyed peas (we do fix those at home).  He gets a roll and I get a corn muffin and give it to him.  I save my bread calories for something more worthy...maybe a dessert or a glass of wine.

I was introduced to Franke's in 1962 when they were on Louisiana Street across the street from the Arkansas Theater.  My friend, Carolyn, and I would go there on our lunch hour.  We sat at the counter and had a cheeseburger with  grilled onions.  Sometimes a group of us would go through the line.  Yes, Rufus was there to carry our tray and we tipped a whole quarter for his service.

Then, my Mom and Dad moved to Arkansas to be near their only child...that would be me :D.  

Dad managed the Franke's in Hot Springs for several years.  They fixed a baked ham dish with pineapple that was delicious.  They don't have it anymore.  Also, the egg custard pie was warm.  Then, everyone got worried about bacteria and the Health Department made them refrigerate it.  The only time we get warm egg custard pie now is when my sister-in-law makes it  at Easter.

There are two Franke's on Rodney Parham and the other in the Regions Building.*

We love Franke's!

*(The Regions Building began as First National Bank Building where Chuck and I worked for many years...I'll save that for a story on my Blog: Plaid Papers, A Journal.)

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Senor Tequila---Hit or Miss

Tonight was a "Miss".  We decided to change our routine.  I went to First Tee and hit some golf balls at 5:00pm instead of noon.  Chuck was teaching class.  We decided to stop at Senor Tequila's on University on the way home.  We were both thinking "Mexican"!  We are usually there for lunch.  I always have Chicken Taco Salad and it is good.  Chuck gets a traditional Mexican plate.  

Tonight we thought we would try something different.  Not a good idea.  I had Chicken Nachos, rather tasteless, and cheese dip.  They have the white dip, my favorite.  It was the best part of the meal along with the beer on tap in a frosty mug.  

Chuck had Seafood Fajitas, Scallops, Tilapia and Shrimp.  They tasted too fishy.  It was too much food, mainly filler...chips for me - onion and mushrooms for Chuck.  Chuck thought the mushrooms were good.

We will go back because next time our selection may be better.  We know the service will be good and the price reasonable. (We did note; however, that the coke cost more than the beer.  Go figure???
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Capers! Always A Favorite

Our friends were here from Hot Springs.  We decided to visit over a nice dinner.  Neither of us had been to Capers in a while.  She and I like to have lunch there as it was the favorite place to lunch for her and her Mom.  It is also a great place to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.  Capers has discovered a secret that keeps people coming back for more: friendly wait staff, great service and best of all great food.  We tried to think if we had ever been disappointed.  We could not.

We took advantage of a bottle of wine for 1/2 price offered Monday through Thursday.  Our selection of an Italian Wine, Sartori Pinot Grigio, was enough for all of us to share a couple of glasses each. Two of us ordered Chicken Picatta; one, a Shrimp Cocktail and House Salad with the House Dressing, a Champagne Vinaigrette and lastly one, Scallops on the Savor the City menu.  All reported their choices were excellent.  We shared the Lemonade Pie that came with the Savor the City menu order.  We remembered it as the Icebox Lemon Pie made with Eagle Brand Milk. It was a good ending to a nice evening.

Bon Appetite
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