Friday, August 10, 2012

Jimmy's Diner - Thumbs Up!

I thought when we moved I had left my favorite burger place behind me.  As fate would have it, a new favorite burger place was not far behind.  We went into Benton to do some errands.  When we called my sister-in-law to join us for lunch, she was already headed to my now new favorite, Jimmy's Diner.  Not only that, but Jimmy used to head the food service at UALR at the same time I worked is a small world.

I like my burger with mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato.  Chuck ordered a cheeseburger with everything.  Peggy got the Club sandwich.  They have a Blue Plate Special, but we were 'burger' bound.  They are hand patted and that makes the difference between a 'favorite' burger and 'thumbs-down' burger.

If you are in Benton and on Edison Ave., stop at Jimmy's.  In fact, if you are any where in the area, made a special trip to Jimmy's...You won't regret it!