Saturday, July 14, 2012

La Hacienda Mexican Restaurants, Arkansas

I have now eaten at:

La Hacienda in Benton

La Hacienda on Cantrell in Little Rock

La Hacienda in Hot Springs

...and have yet to find anything that I absolutely wanted to go back and eat. Usually, I will find at least one item on a menu that I will order every time I go to that restaurant.  i.e. Buffalo Grill-Grilled Turkey sandwich or the Guacamole Salad or Franke's Roast Beef or Country Fried Steak and of course, a Hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and mayo at Arkansas Burger with fries, no salt.

But not at La Hacienda.  We keep trying but no such luck.
One more chance...
La Hacienda, West Little Rock
Keeping my fingers crossed!

Also, trying to figure out if they are connected in any way or is La Hacienda just a popular name?
Well...upon investigation...

The menus look alike

The logos look alike

The food looks the same

Conclusion: If it walks like a duck,
talks like a duck,
and looks like a duck...
It is probably 
La Hacienda !