Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pizza Night!!!! least once a week! 

 We have been wanting to try Palio's on Rahling Road . It is way, way out in West, West Little Rock.  It is a long trip from us in Midtown Little Rock.

We loved the Veggie Pizza and the Salad.  The crust was the thinnest ever. The salad;freshest ever.

However, the atmosphere did not work for us. It is definitely a place for families with children.  They were having a great time.  Two little girls about 4 years old from different families discovered each other.  They were both blond and about the same size...miniature.  It was a delight to behold their joy when they found each other. However, we are childless and our grand-children do not live near-by so we prefer our dining experience a little quieter.  We like to work the crossword puzzle with only our thoughts and suggestions for background noise. 

The cafe was not clean.  The glass doors were covered with fingerprints; the carpet full of crumbs and other unknown matter.  It was a Saturday night, after all.  I could imagine it at noon and a room full of Mom's and children and no time to clean it up before the dinner hour.  They did seem a little short staffed. (BTW the computer order screen was full of finger prints, too:) When we arrived at the order counter we had to wait for the staff member to take the phone order and then take ours.

Palio's Pizza Cafe on UrbanspoonWe decided that it would be a 'take-out' pizza place for us.  Of course, that won't happen because it is too far for us to go to pick it up...and we already have one of those not five minutes from us.  We love Paxton's for our take-out pizza.