Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Arkansas Burger

Hands Down...
the Best Burger in Arkansas...maybe anywhere
Just Decoration...not the real thing!
My friend, Sheila, and I have to have our "butter" burger fix about once a month.  We call it that because they slather* butter over the bun before they toast it.  We also think they mix it in the hamburger meat as a secret ingredient :)  

Chuck and I went today while we were out doing errands.  We actually split a burger and fries.  The burger is really not that big, but we were trying to save on calories. We were fine with that, but will probably need a snack or two before supper*.
Ah..memories.  I used to work at Worthen
Now Bank of America

...and the decor 
is fun, too!

Arkansas Burger Co on Urbanspoon

*two good southern words: slather meaning spreading a whole lot of butter and supper meaning dinner other places.


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