Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kitchen Bouquet!

What would I do without it???? 

Dinner tonight: I am cooking frozen meatballs thawed in Mushroom Soup (any brand--who can tell the difference between Campbell and the store brand?) from Kroger, LaSueur English Peas, and egg noodles...add a Combination Salad*..voila, dinner.

Ugh!  the mushroom soup gravy is white! Enter: Kitchen Bouquet. brown gravy!

No, I cannot give it up.  I refuse to make brown gravy from scratch. Maybe...someday, but not any time soon!

* You do know what how to make a Combination Salad? or is it a Southern "thing"?  Iceberg Lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and mayo...mixed together.  How hard is that?


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