Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Pantry Thumbs Up!

We have been wanting to eat at The Pantry since they opened.  I have to admit I am not sure when they did open.  The one time we tried it was Sunday and they were closed.
We finally got the chance when our friends suggested we go there to share a "pre-Christmas" dinner.  We were not disappointed.  The service was excellent. Our server was very knowledgeable and treated us as if we were her only table for the night.  She was not overly attentive, but made sure she was available should we need something.  Her knowledge of the wine list was commendable as we always have questions.

The food is eclectic and leans toward Eastern European as the owner is from the Czech Republic. There were five of us and we all ordered something different.  We wanted to experience as much as we could for a first-time visit.  I got Wiener Schnitzel with Iron Skillet Potatoes and Chuck got The Pantry Pie, Goulash Stew with mashed potatoes cooked like a Shepherd's Pie.  Our friends got the Lasagna Al Forno, Czech Roast Beef , and Seared Salmon. We got Hummus as an appetizer for the table.  One of us (who shall not be named:) always gets dessert and shares.  This time "she" got one of the chocolate choices...not sure which one?  I told you it was eclectic!

It was all delicious; however, we decided we liked the Wiener Schnitzel the best with the Pantry Pie and Salmon coming in second and third.

The acoustics are not good for visiting, but we did anyway.  They are working on correcting the problem.  I suggest something soft on the walls and/or ceiling.  Everything right now is "hard-scrape". 

Chuck and I will put it on our list to go back to...sit at the Bar or maybe in the Lounge; have a beer for him and wine for me; and share the Baby Back Ribs and maybe the Bio Mushrooms or Pommes Frites (translated-fried potatoes).

Highly recommend The Pantry if you are not already a fan.
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