Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bleu Monkey Grill, Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA

Lunch out with friends at the Bleu Monkey Grill was a treat.  We got to catch up and give the 'Bleu Monkey' at try.  It was on our 'eat out in 
Hot Springs' list.  

We really enjoyed the company, but the jury's still out on the Bleu Monkey Grill.  It was highly touted so maybe we set our expectations too high.  Then again, maybe we didn't order well.  Our friends have lunch there quite often.  They ordered the Club Sandwich and the Maui Salad, two of their favorites.  The Maui Salad was ordered without nuts or Sesame Seeds because of a health issue.  It came loaded with nuts. They got the Sesame seeds right.Chuck ordered the California Fish Tacos from the Lunch Menu and I ordered the Grilled Portabella on a Bun.  On a scale from '1 to 10' we rated each of them a '5'! Chuck was surprised to find his tacos in a soft flour taco. He likes them in a crispy corn taco. 

Reminded me of
I had the choice of french fries, onion rings, or baked potato chips as a side.  Thinking they were all homemade... 'silly me'...I was really surprised when I got Baked Lay's.  To their credit the waitress and hostess were very accommodating.  They replaced my Lay's with onion rings. I asked and was told they were frozen, but very good.  They weren't.  The onion slid out of batter. Hand beer-battered onion rings are my favorite.  You would think I would learn about frozen onion rings?
The Welcome Mat is  out!

It wasn't a complete bust. We will go back again and give them a second chance.
The next time I am going to try an Angel Hair Pasta dish maybe with Chicken if I can substitute it for the Shrimp! 

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