Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Seasonal flowers
welcome you
before you open
the door!
Fantastic China is 'FANTASTIC'. I had friends say they feel like they are in New York City. It is a small intimate restaurant in 'The Heights, a fashionable area in Little Rock. 

When we lived in Little Rock, that was one of our favorite go to restaurants when we didn't want to cook at home. It was about five minutes from our house. We now live about an hour from there and get to go only when we come to 'town'. We went to 'town' yesterday and were about 5 minutes from there. So we went! Same place, same good food, same good service. 
Modern decor
Lights over bar
No bar seating
Booths and Tables

My favorite is Moo Goo Gai Pan which I get every time. Chuck wants to try something new every time. This time he chose the Chinatown Special. We had enough to take home for another meal. 

Mints on the way out.
If you haven't been there, highly recommend 
you go!


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