Friday, August 27, 2010

65th Street Diner

A nice lady was kind enough to let me borrow this picture...
it was in the napkin holder on the table!
Home Cookin!  Yummmmmmm!  It's Friday and fish you remember when we always had fish on Fridays for lunch in the school cafeteria?  I are as old as I am!

I left the Fletcher Library at Noon today; 

picked Chuck up at First Tee and headed for 65th St. Diner!  

Chuck has had a cravin' (Southern speak!) for catfish for the last three weeks.  We debated between Catfish City on University, Frontier Cafe on I-30 access road and 65th St. Diner after the Otter Creek exit.  65th St. won!  It has the best catfish for the best price.  It is cafeteria style and the line always move fast even at noon.  Today was no exception.  We even got a fresh batch of the fish!  We had to let a few people in line before us, but the sacrifice paid off!  We got fresh fish, fries, pinto beans, hush puppies, iced tea(it would be nice to have real lemon for the tea and fish) and slaw (the best in town!)...

I would love to have the slaw recipe.  I have yet to make an edible slaw.   I refuse to give up.  If I figures it out, I will share the secret.  (you probably already have it...if you do, will you share? :D) 65th Street Diner Incorporated on Urbanspoon


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