Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cantina Laredo - Viva Mexicano!

Last night we were treated to dinner and conversation by two of our favorite people at one of our favorite restaurants, Cantina Laredo at Midtowne Little Rock. 

The occasion-our 25th Wedding Anniversary.  Here's how our evening went:

We would like a booth, please!  (We like booths...for conversation and privacy.)

Lynne:  What is that in the bowl? "An avocado and a lime".  It must be to entice you to order quac.  We opted out for cheese dip...delicious!

Drinks:  Pinot Grigio for me, 
virgin pomegranate margarita*, 
and 2 beers.
      *could have been better with tequila! :) 

Lynne:  I am going to have the new CILANTRO CHICKEN SALAD-Fajita chicken with black beans, red pepper, monterey jack cheese, and avocado with cilantro-lime dressing..that is, unless you want to split?

Chuck:  No, I am going to try something different...which ended up being 
TAMPICO-Grilled chicken breast topped with sautéed artichoke hearts, mushrooms, spinach, red bell peppers with sour cream-poblano sauce and monterey jack cheese

On previous visits we split the Botanos Platter and the Fiesta Grill.  These were by far better selections than what we had on this occasion.  

Lynne:  The salad was in a neat bowl that appeared to slant toward you...that's all I can say for the salad.

Chuck:  The TAMPICO was just fajita chicken with a little sauce and potatoes on the side.  It really didn't taste Mexican.

While we were somewhat disappointed in our entrée selections last evening, the atmosphere, service and DESSERT made up for it.  DO NOT, repeat DO NOT miss the Mexican Apple Pie. How can you beat apple pie sizzled at the table in Mexican Brandy Butter Sauce and topped with cinnamon ice cream?  It was delivered with four spoons and was shared by all.

Friends were heard to say:  Her: "C'mon Brooks you have to try the Sauce.  It is to die apples for me, just sauce.  Brooks: "Hmmm, the ice cream is good."

We highly recommend the experience, especially with two of your favorite friends. The wait, if there is one, is reasonable as are the prices...and did I say the service was excellent.  We had the cutest waitress who was not only charming but was knowledgeable on the menu. We will return.

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