Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Pizza Cafe Thumbs Up!

The Pizza Cafe

Our favorite pizza; our favorite place to eat pizza!  It has to be.  We keep coming back for more.  

West Little Rock
We venture off thinking there must be another one so special.  We haven't found it.  
We have looked far and wide....

Way out Hwy 10

Pleasant Ridge close to I430

Downtown, River Market

....and all around!

Last night was "pizza night"!  We eat pizza at least once a week. We eat pizza when we are too tired to or don't want to cook/eat at home.  Where did we go?  Of course, our old stand-by and "favorite", The Pizza Cafe.  Yum-m-m-m!  

Sitting at the bar watching a basketball game-Beer in a mug from the fridge, a small dinner salad with ranch on the side and a 10" Supreme Pizza. It was not only Supreme; it was sublime. Pizza Cafe on Urbanspoon


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