Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pizza for Lunch

DiGiorno Pizza from the Frozen Food case at Kroger...would have thought it?  We have been trying frozen pizza on and off for several years. No luck; all yuck!  It cost about the same as eating pizza why not go out.

Then, on our weekly grocery store trip we picked up a DiGiorno Supreme.  It is a little larger than the pizza we get out and costs less.  

We cooked it today for lunch.  It was delicious. However, we are going to have to work on our cooking method...the center of the crust was cooked, but soft.  We like crisp crusts.  We set the pizza on a rack on a cookie sheet thinking that would keep the oven clean and the pizza still be crisp. No!  
Next time we'll follow the directions on the box and set it directly on the oven rack.  I am afraid I'll be cleaning the oven.  If so, we will probably go back to eating pizza out and they can clean their oven!


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