Sunday, June 12, 2011


OK, so you aren't boarding a are going to eat at a new restaurant in Little Rock-All Aboard located in the Stein Mart Shopping Center on Cantrell.  

Main Attraction (besides the food): Your food is delivered to your table in a tray hanging from a model train engine. It travels on a track attached to the wall.and ceiling.  It stops at your table and your food tray is lowered to you.  

There is a waiter available to help you through the process.  He/She will also bring you all those things you forgot to pick up when you got your drink.  Stuff like napkins, salt, mayo, mustard, knife, fork.  Yes, we forgot all of those things and they are not on the table or in your food car.  Hence, Help was definitely appreciated.  We even forgot to tell the waiter we needed straws so we had to get up anyway.  (We, meaning the Chuck of the "We")

The menu is limited ...burgers, wraps, salads. Chuck and I got both got Cheeseburgers.  I had mine with hot pepper cheese and grilled onions. (Note: Red onions do not grill well.  They are for salads.)  Chuck had American cheese with the works.  The Angus beef had a good flavor and the patty was generous.  However, I think I can buy them in the frozen food section of Kroger.  I loved the fries...seemed fresh cut w/peeling on.  However, they were probably bought frozen in bulk.  Obviously, I couldn't tell the difference.

The atmosphere was a little sterile, but was clean.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  They seemed grateful we were there.  We weren't the only ones in the restaurant, but it wasn't full.  We both commented that the location didn't seem to be conducive to foot traffic.  If it succeeds, it will have to become a destination ...probably because of the train gimmick.

All Aboard Restaurant and Grill on UrbanspoonWe will go back, but I think I'll try it for lunch...maybe a salad or a wrap.


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