Thursday, July 7, 2011

I-Hop U-Hop We-Hop to I-HOP Thumbs Up!

Brunch at can you beat it?  

Senior Sampler-YUM!
On Wednesday we ate cereal at home and went to yoga class at the Jim Daily Fitness Center . By 10am we were hungry so away we went to IHOP...brunch instead of lunch.  I had the Senior Sampler and Chuck had the Senior two x two x two.

Our I-HOP does everything right.,,besides the great food and service.  Right now they are re-roofing with the trendy metal roof material in "I-HOP" blue, of course.  At least once a year they close for two weeks to freshen paint, new graphics.  Other franchises or even Mom & Pop's need to take lessons...spend some of their capital on the business instead of paying their profits to themselves...short-sighted from my view point.

They also have a great two-fer deal...from 3pm to 8pm you can buy one entree and get another one free.  We are determined to keep this on our radar.  We don't think we can eat at home for the same price.  

IHOP on UrbanspoonTake our advice...Go To I-HOP!  (Of course, I am biased...I think ours had the best one in town!)


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