Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last Chance Lakeside Cafe Thumbs Up!

We normally eat at  "Last Chance" after we finish a round of golf before heading back to Little Rock.  

But last night we celebrated our sister's birthday.  No matter the occasion "Last Chance" is a great place to eat.  We have always liked everything we have ordered and at a price that fits our pocketbook.  

Our favorite is the Broasted Chicken Dinner.  You can get 1/2 chicken or just 2 pieces.  I found that the 2 pieces are enough for me.  However, we decided to try something different.  I got Chicken Fingers and Sweet Potato Fries and Chuck got the Coconut Shrimp.  Peg and Del stayed with the tried and true...Broasted Chicken, which they gave a 'thumbs up'.  Chuck was not impressed with his Shrimp..."tasteless" was his comment. I shared some of my Chicken Fingers with him and had enough left to bring home for a snack lunch.  I have had the Chicken Fried Steak and can definitely recommend it!  Oh, I am not sure what they serve as their house Pinot Grigio, but I like it. They are not stingy with their serving so be sure and have a designated driver if you have more than one!

 If you have the chance to be in Hot Springs Village, be sure and stop at the Last Chance on Balboa Lake. Whether you sit in a booth, at the tall tables, or the bar, you will not be disappointed.*

*I could not find a web site for them or a menu on Yelp or Urban Spoon.  Next time we go I'll get a menu and scan it in for you.

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