Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chipotle Grill Jury's Out

Weren't we lucky...we got a gift card for Chipotle Grill for Christmas.  We have been wanting to try them out since they opened, but every time we went the line was out the door.  We aren't good at waiting in line.  

Tonight we decided to use our card and take a chance on the line. Yea!  There was a line but it was inside out of the cold..42 degrees at 6:00pm.

I have to report that we were under-whelmed.  I got the Burrito Chicken Bowl with a side of Guacamole and chips. 

Chuck got three tacos...one crisp and two soft with a different meat in each one.  We usually order different items so we can share.  The Bowl was definitely the easiest to eat. The tacos were very messy.  The Guac was good, but we give the chips a 'thumbs down'.  They were cold and stale. We have had better out a bag we bought at the grocery store.

We can understand why their stock sells for $300+ a share.  It is the business model...very low overhead and a lot of customers.  They advertise: Food with Integrity...meaning ingredients raised with respect for the animals, environment and the farmers and no antibiotics in the meat.  The portions are substantial.  We can see why it appeals to families with young children and young adults looking a good bargain.

Chipotle Mexican Grill on UrbanspoonWe have a little left on our card and we will go back.  The next time we will split something. Maybe try a Burrito?  The customer in front of us got one...it looked huge.  You definitely get your money's worth in quantity if not quality.


Fawn said...

Hi There! Yes, I would say that the "best" menu item at chipolte is the burrito, but I can never finish mine!

Anyhow, I'm stopping by to invite you over to check out the NEW Arkansas Women Bloggers website. We'd love to have you over for a visit, and perhaps you'd like to do a post for our "Foodie Friday" series?


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