Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Suzanne Somers Says...

Suzanne Somers' Seven-Step Plan
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...take seven steps. 
 I was going through my files today trying to reduce my stash of 'paper'.  I came upon this clipping from a magazine.  (sorry I don't have the source!)
An added disclaimer: I do not particularly ascribe to this plan...just thought I would share.

Her seven-step plan:

1. Eliminate all "Funky Foods": all sugars; starches such as potatoes, white flour, and white rice; caffeine; and alcohol.
2. Eat fruit alone, on an empty stomach.
3. Eat proteins (such as meat and eggs) and fats (such as butter and cheese) with vegetables.
4. Eat carbohydrates, such as whole-grain pasta, with veggies.*
5. Do not eat proteins and fats with carbs.
6.  Wait three hours between meals if switching from a protein/fat meal to a carb meal, or vice versa. 
7.  Do not skip meals. Eat at least three a day, and eat until you feel comfortably full.**

*I added a note: morning or noon not at night.
** I have always heard, whether its true or not, that it takes 20 minutes for the brain to register when your stomach is full.  If true, you should eat slowly and stop when you feel not so full.  Wait 20 minutes.  If you are still hungry, eat some more.

I am always looking for the secret to taking a few pounds off.  I haven't found the "get 5 pounds off now" secret.  I have found that the saying "Everything in Moderation" is a truism.  Also, you can only lose weight by burning more calories than you take in.

That being said...I haven't resolved anything for 2012 yet.  I do have etched in my brain...-5 lbs.  


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