Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Pizza Joint

The Pizza Joint is the
first stop in the quest.  

Pizza is our favorite "comfort" food, that is, almost equal to the "hamburger".  We have eaten a lot of pizza and have our favorites.  Now we are going to revisit these pizza restaurants with a "review" in mind.
The Pizza Joint is located on Hwy. 10 almost to Chenal Parkway.  It is a long trip to eat pizza so it has to be worth it.  We liked the decor...very "pizza-friendly".  We got the Veggie Thin Crust and a small house salad. The pizza was really good, but could have been excellent with more sauce.  The salad was nondescript: lettuce (not enough), mozzarella cheese(too much) and bacon bits (ok)...rated: boring. 

We will The Pizza Joint on our "TTA"* list.  However, there are so many pizza places and so little time.

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*To Try Again


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