Monday, January 24, 2011

Catfish City on University Thumbs Down!

Once upon a time there was a place to eat delicious catfish, fries/baked potato available at night, relish, slaw. On top of that it was reasonably priced!  It was convenient and our favorite place to eat catfish.  But, woe is me...that place doesn't exist any longer.  It is physically there with a new facade and great decor added a few years back.  They still serve all of the above.  but...Something happened along the way.  Things were not the same in "Catfish City" land after the renovation.  

We went last week.  The fish was as expected frozen. The crust was tough and had pulled away from the fish...ugh. The prices were too high...we did not get our money's worth.   We cannot recommend it.  We cannot speak to their catering service.  Perhaps that is their focus. 

All we know...Give us our "old" Catfish City!  Catfish City Restaurant on Urbanspoon


Anonymous said...

Every catfish restaurant is high these days in fact it is the whole industry. I ate there for lunch a three weeks ago with a friend. We were both impressed. I really thought that I would have the same experience as you. It had been years since the last time I dinned there. They have done an excellent job with the decor and again the food was excellent. I would recommend and would visit again.

Anonymous said...

I won't eat at a place that automatically adds a "gratuity" to the bill. It is just a way to raise prices and "look like" their prices are not as high.

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