Sunday, January 2, 2011

Playing Catch-up!

We have been negligent in our efforts to keep you updated on our "Eating In or Out or About".  We find that if we don't post immediately, we lose the spontaneity of the experience.  
I am going to catch us up and start the new year with a clean slate.  As you can see we were not idle in our "Eating", just lax about our posting.

Purple Cow on Cantrell:
Love their Chicken Salad Plate with Olive Salad

Daddy's by Breckenridge Theater:
I had a French Dip sandwich which was delicious. I don't remember having anything I didn't like.  However, there is never anyone in there when I go.  I think they do more catering than serving?

YaYa's for a birthday party...we love YaYa's.
Never ordered anything we didn't like!
Try the Roasted Chicken...enough for a 
take-home a box...also the Angel Hair Pasta is delicious!

Five Guy's
We did not like Five Guy's with its "fast food" decor and serving style.  I didn't mind standing in line but didn't like getting it packed in a bag to take to our table to open like I was at home.  It's Arkansas Burger on Cantrell for us!

US Pizza:
If you have time to dine, this is the place and pizza for you.  It takes a while for them to bake it, but it is good pizza.  They are also known for their salad...get the dressing on the side.  We like the ham on ours and light on the cheese. (They are a little heavy handed on the dressing and the cheese.)
Shotgun Dan's:
We like their pizza.  It has a lot of "gooey" cheese...that would be for me!  The atmosphere leave something to be desired...a real family place...that reads "a lot of kids".  The salad bar is also lacking, but not get what you pay for!

H.B.'s Bar B. Q. North off of 65th Street on Lancaster:
A really small place but the best bar-b-que!  
It is rumored that it is the original "Shack" BBQ.  I ate one time at The Shack on the NW Corner of Markham and Pulaski...back in the "good ole days"!

We have the following recipe in our family labeled The Shack's Barbeque guarantees or claims...

2 Bottles Catsup*
2 Catsup Bottles of Water
1/2 pt. Vinegar
4 oz. Chili Powder
6 oz. Mustard
2 oz. Garlic Salt
1 small can Black Pepper
1/3 Bottle Louisiana Hot Sauce (Average)

Mix dry ingredients with Mustard.  Add liquids.  Bring to a rolling boil.  Simmer 30 to 45 minutes.

*Note:  The Catsup bottle is probably the 8 to 10 oz. size.
You can experiment to see which tastes best.


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