Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mimi's for Brunch Thumbs Up!

Nothing like a coupon for a free breakfast a Mimi's....and then again, there's nothing like Mimi's.  We especially like it for breakfast/brunch.  We have never been for dinner and only a couple of times for lunch.  It is the morning fare that keeps us coming back...and of course, the coupons we get because we gave them our e-mail address. 

Mimi's fits into the route we take when doing our errands, usually on Monday.

Today, it was Wednesday.  They were our first stop after we had been to Yoga at the Fitness Center and Chuck had opened the market with the opening bell.  Then, we worked our way backwards...Academy Sports for wrist weights and swim googles...oops...goggles!  Then, Michael's, Office Depot, gasoline at Kroger and Target and home.

Chunky potatoes...usually cold!
I digress...back to brunch.  I had the French Toast Breakfast (Yummmm). Chuck had the Mardi Gras Omelet.  Mine was the best...Chuck says I always order the best one.  The only thing we do not like at Mimi's is potatoes.  First of all, I am a "grits" person and second, they just aren't good to us.  I know, a lot of people must like them or they would have removed them from their menu.  Wouldn't they?  

Baked on-site, but when reheated
in Microwave...they are tough
and chewy..not good!
Chuck got a blueberry muffin with his omelet.  We left a suggestion:  don't nuke the muffin.  Heat it some other way or serve it was tough.  Can you imagine a tough muffin?  Well, it was.  I chose to follow my guideline.  If it is not worthy of the calories, I don't eat wasn't; I didn't!

Mimi's Cafe on UrbanspoonWe keep coming back.  The service is always excellent and the staff is always friendly.  We haven't encountered any "attitudes" here.  We high recommend Mimi's!


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