Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kierre's Kountry Kitchen Jury's Out

Hit some golf balls today at Northshore Golf Range near Maumelle.  We have been wanting to try Kierre's for a while.  Two different people recommended it to us.  So that is where we headed when we left the range.

It is certainly not a restaurant with an ambiance.  That is unless you like a warehouse atmosphere.  However, the service was good and the waitress had a great smile!  She was very helpful for us newbies.  Also, in her favor she didn't pet peeve.  Just when you are in the middle of a conversation the waiter/waitress interrupts.  

I had smoked chicken with mashed potatoes, green beans and buttered carrots.  Chuck had the fried catfish with slaw and French fries.  This is the good part.  The portions were so generous that we decided to split the catfish and my vegetables for lunch. We took the chicken home for tonight's dinner.  

That is where I am headed the kitchen to warm up the chicken.  Chuck made his famous potato salad to go with it.  It can't get any better that this!


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