Thursday, March 10, 2011


Lunch yesterday at Taziki's.  This was our first trip.  Our friends recommended it and they are Greek so we went with it. 

We have been to Greece and liked some Greek food ....Cucumber/Tomatoes with a slab of Feta Cheese and careful of the Ouzo!  There is nothing like Feta Cheese in Greece.  However, the Feta on my Spanakopita Roll-Ups was close.  It didn't have that "goaty" taste that so much of the Feta in States has.  Oh, also the fried potatoes in Greece are to die for; the ones at Taziki's weren't.  

It was Wednesday and I had the Spanakopita Roll-ups with Fruit.  The Roll-Ups were delicious, but I will try a different side next time.  Chuck had a Lamb Gyro and was not impressed..".the Pita wrap was too doughy and the lamb was tasteless".   It was also hard to hold and eat without all the insides ending up in his tray, lap and/or floor.  

Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe on UrbanspoonWe will try again.  After all "they"* say that Mediterranean food is "good for you". 

*Whoever "they" is!


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