Sunday, April 3, 2011

Corky's Thumbs Up!

Our new routine...we eat out on Saturday's.  We both work all day on Saturday. Neither one of us wants to cook.  However, I work two hours longer than Chuck so he gets to cook on Saturday...cook: meaning at home or eating out. Nine times out of ten he will select eating out on Saturday.

This time he chose Corky's-in his mind.  Then, I mentioned perhaps Corky's because I wanted to stop at Michael's which was on the way. It is amazing how often that happens. One of us thinks of something and the other one of us picks up on it, too!  It is a real phenomena to us...we call it spooky:)

Well, back to Corky's.  I am not sure why we haven't been in the last few years.  We always love what we order and the servings are more than ample.  In fact, we usually take some home.  

We usually order catfish and chicken tenders.  This night was no exception.  We brought home some of the chicken fingers.  We got two sides each and substitutes were allowed.  Last, but not least---the rolls are wonderful.  They are served first and you can fill up on them if you are not careful.  Honey and butter is on the table.  I could make them the whole meal! 

The service was excellent and our server was perfect (read: smiled and didn't hover-was always available when we needed her).

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